When you look at the pure math, the fresh evidence could be the appearance off imaginary and you will complex number

When you look at the pure math, the fresh evidence could be the appearance off imaginary and you will complex number

Within limited physical truth, bulk and effort try quantized and you will statistically similar in line with Age = mc dos , and you can size and energy change from high-opportunity places to regions of down time through to the shared regions are located in thermodynamic harmony. But solution of one’s EPR contradiction showed that at quantum level, opportunity doesn’t reveal once the either particle or wave up to it has an effect on irreversibly abreast of an actual physical design such that normally getting entered of the on consciousness regarding an observer as either revolution otherwise particle, depending upon specific ecological problems that will be manipulated by observer, once the displayed regarding the twice-slit and you will delayed-possibilities experiments. Exactly how this new phenomena off white energies connect with the fresh awareness of observer depends on exterior requirements as well as the county away from consciousness of your own observer.

However when I go through the direction question in public areas degree, what i discover is far more plus outline that’s entirely useless except inside the very narrow areas of expertise

So it provides us to the brand new interface of your finite reality available so you’re able to you from actual senses, for the says out of awareness accessible to you to the Threshold chatted about for the earlier blogposts within collection. Inside pure math, as well as on the new consciousness threshold, we come upon symptoms of existence off a lot more dimensions beyond the three out of space and another of your energy of one’s five-dimensional general relativity design. Regarding extension out-of people consciousness, the newest indications try activities having logical paradoxes.

During the time of using CoDD quantum calculus reason into the expansion from an enthusiastic n- dimensional domain name off truth to help you an enthusiastic n+step one dimensional website name by rotation of nth dimension and you can orthogonal projection towards the letter+1 dimensional website name, a statistical expression out of a physical process that I call dimensional extrapolation, at least five most limited dimensions are indicated beyond three away from place and one of your time because of the look of complex quantity which can be successive ancient sources of unity. These cutting-edge origins away from unity is the right systems out of dimension needed to connect offered limited dimensional insights statistically, and you may dimensional extrapolation try analogous on process of finite awareness expansion which i experienced in the favorable Pyramid off Ancient Egypt.

In the future posts I really hope to explain these analogies anywhere between actual, analytical, and you may awareness process then, and you can talk about specific fundamental software of actions and you may results presented on this page and you can talk about subject areas to possess upcoming browse.

My personal earliest effect try: Definitely whoever got have a look at early in the day eight posts in this series might have an adequate idea of exactly what this type of acronyms suggest otherwise might have gained the definition out of framework. However pointed out that I became to make one of the most basic errors commonly created by certain quicker-than-professional math instructors I derided on 3rd paragraph of your own early in the day article (Region 8), I was of course, if extreme. For this reason, in this post, I am offering the following grounds of those acronyms for the majority of a whole lot more mental explanation within this group of postings.

New analytical procedure for rotation and projection off an enthusiastic n-dimensional domain on an enthusiastic letter+step 1 dimensional domain. This mathematical process relates to applying of an excellent generalization of the Pythagorean theorem, and immediately talks of the basic device out of dimensions regarding the n+step one dimensional website name, relative to might device out-of measurement on the n-dimensional website name. I originally notion of it since the an analytical dysfunction of spinning projection from consciousness I had this current year about Great Pyramid.

We’re always told that degree possess progressed, hence you will find more understand now than just whenever our grandparents had been younger. I notice that the present mathematics groups be on exactly how to fool around with a pc than simple tips to envision. Vital reasoning doesn’t appear to have around personal studies. My mommy, father, and you may grandparents, have been born and you may grew up mennation in the fresh backwoods of your Missouri Ozarks, without formal education not in the 8th grade, was better to on vital thinking and you may troubleshooting than of a lot customers having BS, MS, and you may PhD immediately after its names. Why is this? The fresh dumbing off and you will narrow specialty away from public nowadays, even private degree within country. When folks just who pays the newest proscribed commission is provided with a diploma otherwise training whether they grasp the information presented or not, and you may an enhanced education mode a cluttered head with an increase of and you may far more thin detail having less and less substance, you may have a dish to own crisis.

It got many years of analysis and several skills regarding offered consciousness inside the NDEs and you may OBEs for me to find exactly what dimensions are. The path is cutting-edge, but in the conclusion, the actual situation is actually and that’s simple. Size is the measurable contacts ranging from mathematical ease and difficulty, fundamentally best back into simplicity again. Also the newest connectivity ranging from terrifically boring lifetime and you can exotic enjoy out of truth, enabling you to go back to the latest capability of oneness. Proportions delineate the new path throughout the discrete separation regarding quantized fact to the infinitely continuous truth off aware enlightenment.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein: size can also be allege no lifetime of one’s own, he’s only architectural popular features of the fresh new delivery of the occurrence of your good-sized arena of reality.

Dimensional domains that have no, you to definitely, otherwise a couple dimensions, is actually archetypes of the logical build regarding First Consciousness. They truly are conceptualized mentally, and illustrated for the some report, but don’t occur during the bodily fact as they haven’t any capacity to incorporate quanta of one’s material away from truth. Therefore, CoDD investigation, because relates to physical fact, begins with letter = step three, the original dimensional domain that may contain volumetric formations from mass and effort. Thus giving it a distinct advantage on traditional math from inside the hyper-dimensional analyses however, means a revolutionary re-determining of your own standard surgery out-of arithmetic and you can algebra befitting our very own quantized truth.

In this article, I do want to involved into the motif of early in the day six posts: The fact that natural mathematics, absolute research, and you can individual awareness all are merely different factors of the identical thing; that will be, one, since humans, we have been signs regarding fact trying to experience itself during the software within quantized bodily market therefore the infinitely continued substrate regarding Cosmic Understanding. Since finite aware beings, i get up on new threshold of infinity. Summarizing the very last post: Real contradiction ‘s the last form of statement, the fresh logical exact carbon copy of the third root of unity, i.e., this new imaginary number, as well as the home in order to understanding extension one brings us to the fresh new Threshold of the fourth county regarding awareness.

Resolution of a bona fide analytical contradiction grows all of our facts

There must be a broad laws from relativity that applies the newest actions of the faraway a-listers into the local inertial source physique of aware observer. Put simply, local bodily regulations are individually about, and you can influenced by the huge-level structure of one’s world. – Ernst Mach

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